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David (Infinity Wellness Group) Crisci  donated  $500.00        Elias & Zena Farah  donated  $500.00        Sophie Dohnt  donated  $500.00        City Builders  donated  $250.00        Susan & Riman Farah  donated  $250.00        Sylvia Powell  donated  $250.00        Annette Cunningham  donated  $200.00        Betty Saunders  donated  $200.00        Bill Spurr  donated  $200.00        Christa Kinnear  donated  $200.00        Kelly Hocking  donated  $200.00        Michelle Mickan  donated  $200.00        Suzie Boyaci  donated  $200.00        Sylvia Toop  donated  $200.00        Helana and Emmanuel Khoury  donated  $150.00        Jane James  donated  $150.00        Kristina Wearing  donated  $150.00        Manuela Kretschmer  donated  $150.00        Peter Williams  donated  $150.00        Wayne and Jo Coonan  donated  $150.00        Waterloo Station Hotel  donated  $121.80        Anton & Tiffany Seifert  donated  $100.00        Claire Dobson  donated  $100.00        Daniel Edwards  donated  $100.00        Joshua Renton  donated  $100.00        Julie Bray  donated  $100.00        Karolina Kulikowska  donated  $100.00        Matt Poole  donated  $100.00        Michelle Ashcroft  donated  $100.00        Nay, Lil & Lynn  donated  $100.00        Peter Costello  donated  $100.00        Rosie Lionello  donated  $100.00        Ruth McLean  donated  $100.00        Tom Andritsakis  donated  $100.00        Cafe SIA  donated  $95.75        Anonymous  donated  $87.00        Bronya Cooper  donated  $75.00        Jane Stephens  donated  $75.00        Joy Virant  donated  $75.00        Solas Candles by N&S  donated  $64.00        CIBO Gawler  donated  $57.85        Alexis D’Orsi  donated  $50.00        Alison Doecke  donated  $50.00        Boyd Moran  donated  $50.00        Brian Smith  donated  $50.00        Bronwyn Anderson  donated  $50.00        Bronwyn Taylor  donated  $50.00        Cherie Speyer  donated  $50.00        Chris Stain  donated  $50.00        Christine Moffett  donated  $50.00        Forever Graceful Candles  donated  $50.00        Gary Whebell  donated  $50.00        Giuliana D'Orsi  donated  $50.00        Holly Pfeiffer  donated  $50.00        Karen Hasenohr  donated  $50.00        Kate Westley  donated  $50.00        Kerry Paige  donated  $50.00        Kerry Jones  donated  $50.00        Kobi Harris  donated  $50.00        Lorraine Joy  donated  $50.00        Michael Howard  donated  $50.00        Michele & Anthony Kittel  donated  $50.00        Michelle Calligaris  donated  $50.00        Sarah Will  donated  $50.00        Sinead Jason-Garcia  donated  $50.00        Tabitha Madden  donated  $50.00        Marilyn Anderson  donated  $30.00        Anonymous  donated  $30.00        Anonymous  donated  $30.00        Anonymous  donated  $30.00        Anne Marie Scanlon  donated  $25.00        Anonymous  donated  $25.00        Barbara Binns  donated  $25.00        Catherine McMahon  donated  $25.00        Heidi Bowman  donated  $25.00        Ilka Priebe  donated  $25.00        Kathy & Warwick Holland  donated  $25.00        Philippa Ellicott  donated  $25.00        Rachael Courtney  donated  $25.00        Sadie Gemmell  donated  $25.00        Sarah Crosby  donated  $25.00        Vittoria Carrocci  donated  $25.00        Keira Bennett  donated  $15.00        Anita Torr  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Archibald Harman  donated an undisclosed amount         Ariella D'Orsi  donated an undisclosed amount         Carmel Rechichi  donated an undisclosed amount         Catherine Blaikie  donated an undisclosed amount         Catherine Fleming  donated an undisclosed amount         Ellen Morris  donated an undisclosed amount         Francesca Vickery  donated an undisclosed amount         hayley salvemini  donated an undisclosed amount         Helen Fincher  donated an undisclosed amount         Jana Hoffmann  donated an undisclosed amount         Kevin Nguyen  donated an undisclosed amount